About Us

The Golden Sight Institute is a spiritual development educational collective, currently based in Denmark.

We use advanced techniques and abilities to assist you in piercing the veil to expose your true self.

Our head facilitator, E. Hilmar Rafnsson, is an Icelandic man with very unique abilities which makes it possible for him to see the various subtle layers of human energies.

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The Golden Sight Institute team

“Hilmar’s way of being, as well as his approach to growth and transformation, is deeply infused with a genuine respect for all of humanity. Simultaneously, he is also deeply respectful of himself and his own path in life. I have benefited and grown immensely through my interactions and sessions with him.”
-Joshua, Founder of True Participation

Curious About Hilmar?

It was the 21st of March 1979, at 14:21, when Eiríkur Hilmar was born in a small fishing village called Akranes, in Iceland. Since childhood he has known things which were impossible for him to know, and he has seen things which others could not. The spirits of the deceased, as well as the thoughts and feelings of those around him, were obvious. He grew up thinking that everyone had this experience, but found out later in life that this was not the case. 

At the age of 25 he adopted a meditation practice 2-3 times daily, which resulted in an active Kundalini after 2 years and 9 months. The Kundalini consciousness has changed him on all levels in the 13 years since that happened. He now remembers past lives and has a deep connection with his own soul. He also has access to many different healing techniques which were laying dormant, within  the chambers of his soul. He has a deep commitment to Kundalini humans and sees it as his mission to be of service to those who experience this extreme transformational process. He believes her presence to be a blessing to all lives she touches. 

Hilmar’s style and approach to transformational work is entirely unique, as he is moved to participate through genuine intuitive decisions rather than pre-formulated modalities. The aliveness generated in each session is always a highly customized experience. 

Whether working on an as-needed basis, or through a dedicated multi-month support journey, he tailor fits each experience to exactly where you are at emotionally and mentally.

Perhaps most importantly, Hilmar will never see you as broken or incompetent. His ability to see your soul’s power allows him to trust the process of each individual. Thus, he sees his service of support as very helpful while also seeing himself as an equal, a brother, a friend.

Hilmar has found that the experience of relationships without hierarchy is in itself very healing to assist the restoration of trust in other people. Unhindered by needs for validation, this allows space to breath life into the truth of who we are.

Areas of Skilled Focus

  • Identifying and healing of trapped emotions.
  • Pathfinding.
  • Inner child healing.
  • Past life regressions.
  • Aura cleansing and fortification.
  • Protection and cleansing of people and places.
  • Chakra cleansing and harmonizing.
  • Kundalini activation.
  • Guidance through the Kundalini process.

The Accompanying Philosophy

As we deepen into ourselves, and understand our souls at a deeper level, it is important that our minds do their best to “keep up” with the process in order to truly learn what it means to surrender to the heart’s intelligence. Along the journey, Hilmar enjoys sharing perspectives, books, and intuitively guided exercises for assisting the re-framing process in the mind.

Signature Sessions: Cosmic Integral Healing

This healing modality is his own creation, channeled from Hilmar’s soul intuition. Through this healing the client will receive the golden light of the center of their own soul down into the body, which will integrate throughout some time. This is a total transformation and thus can only be performed in-person. This healing takes 1.5 hours, and is priced accordingly as it is a rare specialty experience.