Group Energy Readings

Hello, and welcome to the Golden Sight Institute!

We intend for this community gathering to give participants deeper insights into their unconscious energy patterns.

Our Lead Facilitator Hilmar Rafnsson is gifted in "sight beyond sight", having repeatedly ignited deep transformations with a simple insight and presencing process.

The group session will flow intuitively and may cover: past lives, meridian blockages, entity identification, device removal, mental/emotional loops, family relationships, etc. depending on what is most relevant to attendees.

Regardless of what arises, our priority is creating a safe and respectful space where we can have a casual discussion about what is happening and answer questions about these processes.

[Find out more about Hilmar and his work on this website!]

Please register using the Zoom link.

This event is by Donation ($35 suggested). We run this on the honor system). If you currently cannot afford the suggestion or anything at all, that is fine. Everyone is treated respectfully regardless of contribution. A generous and honest heart is enough.

You can donate before or after the event at

Thank you for joining us!