Hilmar Rafnsson

Hilmar-SmileHello and welcome. My name is Hilmar,  I am a spiritual guide and an intuitive healer who helps all beings come into alignment with their soul. Through a combination of my intuitive wisdom, powerful healing techniques, and transformative kundalini energy, I help people heal areas of pain and stagnancy to allow for their soul’s light to enter.

I have always had access to natural psychic abilities and I can help others activate their own. I have have had many non-physical and physical teachers alike, including Ascended Masters and Archangels. Guides in human form that have taught me how to heal my inner child and other levels of my multidimensionality have graced my life with their healing presence.

My whole life I´ve been surrounded by heavenly figures. And have had access to knowledge from higher consciousness.  After my kundalini awakening in 2007 I´ve been able to see between dimensions and mediate in energies and information from different spheres of life mostly hidden to others. And have with honor received the human inheritance in the form of taking upon myself my status as the child of the divine. Creating an access to a neverending inner wellspring of spiritual tools. As a loving service to humanity. Wishing to inspire others to live a life which is beyond this one incarnation. In service filled by the one self which expresses itself here through all of us.

Always when you sit down in a session with me, know that my 3rd eye is dialled in on those things that are in the way for your souls light to enter your flesh. My mission is always to deify my clients through paving the way for their  highest essence.

I´ve now worked with an active kundalini energy for 15 years, since 2012 she´s been 100% present 24 hrs in a day. Growing stronger and widening upon my being for each moment. With upgrades and healings programming my body to endure and carry higher consciousness, endowing me with enormous spiritual potential, intuitively in each moment. Making me in a higly auspicious position to guide and or activate other kundalini humans on different levels.

There are many layers in transformation as a kundalini human therefore knowing the process of kundalini awakening becomes  a pathway through the currents of the different periods this divine energy has in store for the soon to be divine human, making it as painless as possible for the client to grow. With and through the kundalini energy my presence naturally transforms the people around me. My Quantum Vision and highly attuned energetic sensitivities help me effectively assist you in growing on your own, as I continue to evolve as well. Manifesting more today then i did yesterday.

My healing techniques include:

  • Meditations and Visualizations
  • Divine activations
  • Chakra and Aura cleansing and fortification
  • Energy Structures for Protection of people and places
  • Communication with Higher Selves
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Healing the Protector Ego
  • Harmonization of Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine
  • Facilitating contact with Father or Mother God, Ascended Masters and Light Beings
  • Kundalini activation & guidance for kundalini human beings
  • Quantum Vision
  • And much much more …

Work with Hilmar