When we change we die

When we change we die!
Going through the transformational seasons of the soul we learn to attach ourselves to certain ideas of who or what we are in life. These ideas become identities. These identities are in many ways the motivators for our action and handling of life situations. Like a storyline reaffirming itself, the identity acts in line with the role it plays. These identities all serve a certain purpose.
At its core, this purpose is to lose yourself to find yourself once more. In the layers of structure, this part of the personality is much more detailed and heartfelt therefore persuading and powerful. With every action along the corridors which this structure is, the flow of solid energy created affirms the structure even more. The protective ego which has gotten big and strong of all the life force it has consumed has in most cases taken over every area of the person’s life. And will fight to survive like anything else that has gotten life force energy.
The ego is a multidimensional existence and has ways of energy harvesting and management to best keep it in good shape. These patterns are hard to recognize or do something about unless the adept is thorough in cultivating a mindset and a work ethic on these levels, therefore unveiling the network of energetics pumping much-needed energy through the “organism”.
In most cases, it means that we have to touch upon some painful stuff and most have no interest in that. The level of transparency needed to undertake such a task in itself is a painful experience for this part of us. Even those that do have the interest have a hard time dealing with the deepest parts of the illusions of the storyline the personality structure tells itself to feed itself.
I am this and that. My significance is so and so. No matter how high or how low the persona in charge is aiming this storytelling is that which feeds it. A feeling of self that needs to be fed. And it has ways of feeding. That´s what we call autopilot.
In the true spiritual light no structure can withstand. Let us, therefore, seek out this awesome power forth to illumine all the parts of us which aren´t serving the purpose of our souls’ quest of packing more light into the physical. Let us not protect these parts of us that hide in the shadows wielding their power from there. All parts of us can be loved and made whole once more through the proper standing in ourselves. And by honoring the eternal promise of gathering back together every soul fragment buried in the dark.
Let us surrender to the formless light of our soul. Which came here to partake in a dance of duality to create a third outcome. We can not serve two masters. The personality construct is created and designed to fade into the true spiritual light of the magnificence of our soul. At some point, the revolt of this creation of ours has to lose its backing. And the conscious point in the body chooses to put its weight on the side of the soul forever. Letting the falsehoods of the storyline of how we lost ourselves go once and for all. Residing in the peaceful embrace of the infinite and ever-flowing being and knowledge which is in the soul.
This does not mean you don´t evolve. It just means you have died the first death. The death which needs the embrace of all those who intend to reach the mountaintop of spiritual perfection in a constant melted state with the absoluteness of what and who we really are. God in everlasting manifestation. To die is to evolve.

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